Yamamoto-Genryusai Zanpakuto
Ryujin Jakka (Flowing Blade-like Flame)


Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai 1st Division Captain and the leader of the 13 Protection Squad. He's an old man with a very muscular body. There are many scars on his torso, head, and arms, suggesting numerous battles in his past. Yamamoto believes that laws must be upheld for the benefit of the community and despises those who break them. He founded the Soul Reaper Academy about 1000 years before the main storyline.


Ryujin Jakka ("Flowing Blade-like Flame"): His Zanpakuto is the oldest and the most powerful fire-type Zanpakutō and has greater attack power than all other Zanpakuto in Soul Society. In its sealed form, Ryūjin Jakka usually takes the appearance of a harmless wooden staff which can be used like a spear. At any time, Yamamoto can instantly remove that disguise, by peeling off the wood, to reveal its true form of a standard katana with a dark purple handle and a circular hand guard. Its power is so great that even the strongest of Shinigami are afraid of it even in its sealed form.

Shikai: Its Shikai command is "Reduce All Creation to Ash" (banshō issai kaijin to nase; "All things in the universe turn to ashes" in the English Dub). The release of his Zanpakutō comes with an extreme release of spiritual pressure affecting all in the area, and can be felt for miles upon miles across all of Seireitei.

Shikai Special Ability: When released, Ryūjin Jakka's blade is engulfed into fire.The aura of this weapon can disintegrate everything and anything that Yamamoto waves the sword at, changing it into nothing more than ash and engulfing the surrounding landscape in a blazing firestorm, the heat of which was intense enough to scorch the sky. Only powerful fighters such as Kyōraku and Ukitake can resist it, but even then only indirectly. Even in its Shikai, Ryūjin Jakka's power is enough to fight against the Shikai of two other captains simultaneously, both of whom had the reputation of being the strongest Captains in Soul Society while together. Unlike other Zanpakutō shown so far, resealing Ryūjin Jakka does not deactivate any ability already used against an opponent, as seen when Yamamoto imprisons Aizen, Gin, and Kaname. The flames created by Ryūjin Jakka can be controlled with great precision by Yamamoto to attack only the targets he chooses and he also has power over the intensity of the flames.[93] His flames are capable of incinerating an area greater than that of Karakura Town.

Jokaku Enjō ("Fortress Blaze"): This ability creates an immense wall of flame that surrounds the target and then forms a huge contained sphere of flame in which to imprison enemies. It is shown to be immensely powerful as it was capable of imprisoning three Captain-level Shinigami (namely Aizen, Gin and Kaname) for a significant amount of time.

Ennetsu Jigoku ("Flames of Hell"): This ability creates seven or more immense pillars of flame that surround an area. The intent of this technique is to trap the opponent in the caged inferno and destroy him. The power of this technique is lethal enough to destroy everyone caught in its vicinity, even Yamamoto himself.

Bankai: Not Yet Revealed

Zanpakuto Spirit Form

Unlike the other Zanpakuto, Ryujin Jakka does not immediately manifest a solid form. Instead, he is only seen in the form of intensely hot flames.

Immense Spiritual Power: Ryūjin Jakka is the oldest, most powerful fire type and has greater attack power than all other Zanpakutō in Soul Society. 

Fire Manipulation: The flames created by Ryūjin Jakka are powerful enough to overwhelm Katen Kyōkotsu and Sōgyo no Kotowari and can be controlled with great precision to attack only the targets it chooses and it also has power over the intensity of the flames. While Ryūjin Jakka's physical manifested form has yet to be seen, it is able to manifest itself as giant raging flame. It can also form a barrier around a certain area to prevent enemies from escaping outside of it.