Tetsuzaemon Iba Zanpakuto


Tetsuzaemon Iba is the lieutenant of the 7th Division of the  13 Protection Squad, under Captain Sajin Komamura. Iba has a distinctive hair cut and wears black sunglasses with his standard Shinigami uniform. He also smokes and carries his Zanpakuto as a small blade inside his uniform. He has a large tattoo on his back consisting of a cat on fire and the kanji shōfuku (inviting luck). These features, plus his informal style of speech, are all strongly reminiscent of a typical yakuza.


The name and abilities of Iba's Zanpakuto are unknown, as well as its Shikai command. When sealed, it looks like a tanto. Its hilt is red and it has no hand guard. Iba usually keeps it inside his Shinigami uniform with the hilt sticking out.

Shikai: In its Shikai, Iba's Zanpakuto extends into a falchion or a large bladed scimitar with a pick-like protrusion a short distance below the tip of the sword.

Bankai: Not Yet Achieved

Power and Abilities

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Being a former member of the 11th Division, which specializes in combat, Tetsuzaemon is a highly competent swordsman. He is also known to spar with Ikkaku Madarame, another expert swordsman, regularly.

Enhanced Strength: Tetsuzaemon was seen supporting Sajin Komamura after the latter had been defeated by Aizen, even though Komamura is more than four times Tetsuzaemon's weight.