Sajin Komamura Zanpakuto
Tenken (Heavenly Punishment)


Sajin Komamura 7th Division Captain an anthropomorphic canine who is very self-conscious about his appearance, and so he wears a large helmet that conceals his entire head when he is first introduced. After his fight with Kenpachi Zaraki (during which his helmet is destroyed), he gains enough confidence to go without the helmet.


("Heavenly Punishment"; Viz "Heavenly Retribution"): It takes the form of a normal katana. The cross-guard is a rectangle decorated with a pattern of vertical lines with the long sides pinched in towards the middle. The overall appearance is similar to a squared-off hourglass.

Shikai: Its Shikai command is "Roar" (Todoroke). Tenken maintains its form as a regular katana.

Shikai Special Ability: In its Shikai, Tenken creates various body parts of a fearsome armored giant to copy whatever body part Komamura moves; for example, should Komamura swing his sword, a gigantic disembodied arm wielding a sword appears and does the same thing. The body's gigantic parts generated by the Initial Release possess strength and attacking power proportionate to their size (though not as great as it could be due to not having a full body), making Komamura's Zanpakuto quite powerful

Bankai: Kokujo Tengen Myo'o (Vidyaraja of Kalasutra's Heavenly Punishment; Viz "Divine Retribution, Black Ropes of Ruination"): Kokujo Tengen Myo'o maintains its form as a regular katana. While in use, Komamura and his katana maintain a glow of spiritual energy.
Bankai Special Ability: His Bankai brings forth the entire giant, which is about a hundred meters tall. It wields a sword with a guard similar to Komamura's, but with a different blade and with a string hanging from the hilt. The giant takes the form of an armored samurai that copies the movements of Komamura to devastating effect, allowing it to deal out colossal amounts of damage. Its strength is far proportionally greater than that of Komamura due to its size. It is strong enough to take an Arrancar's point-blank Cero without being damaged, and could easily smother him with its bare hands. His Bankai has a critical weakness however. If the giant is harmed in any way, the wounds are reflected onto Komamura, essentially making it a bigger target to a strong enough opponent. According to Tosen, Komamura's Bankai has such an immense destructive power that Komamura has never thought about not being able to defeat an opponent in one attack, much less them making a counter-attack.

Zanpakuto Spirit Form

Tenken's spirit is similar to the Buddhist deity Fudo Myoo, standing roughly two-stories tall. He has red skin and is capable of shooting fire from his mouth. He carries both a bolas and a sword; both of which can also produce fire.

Power and Abilities

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: As seen from his short skirmish against Sajin, Tenken possesses considerable sword prowess even while wielding a secondary weapon.

Expert Whip Wielder: In addition to swordsmanship, Tenken is highly proficient with using a whip to bind and restrict an opponent's movements.

Enhanced Strength: Being able to drag an immensely strong opponent like Sajin off his feet with a single hand demonstrates incredible strength on Tenken's part.

Fire Manipulation: Tenken is able to conjure and manipulate fire through both his sword and whip, as well as breathe it out of his mouth. However, his fire manipulation weakens under rainy conditions.

Enhanced Speed: Despite his large stature, Tenken is shown to have great speed as seen when he attacks Soifon with his sword. He is also surprisingly evasive, able to dodge up-close attacks effortlessly.

Enhanced Endurance: Befitting his stature and physique, Tenken has shown to be very resilient, able to take a direct kick to the face from Soifon without flinching.